Monday, May 29, 2017


clay, glaze, oxide

Let me introduce senior Sarah Chang,
my top most Ceramic student this year.
We've seen several of her pieces throughout the year, 
but I couldn't resist taking this pix of her...
with her joyful smile as she shows me her finished pot.

And what a cool pot it is.
A combo. piece where she is combining a bit of everything,
coils, slabs, pinching and paddling.
Plus she had to work to a larger size and make a lidded container.
Love the ebb and flow of the design.
Sarah is truly a master craftswoman and a fabulous designer.
She will receive my Highest Ceramics Award on June 1,
at the Senior Awards Banquet Nite.
Oops, was that supposed to be a secret?
 ha ha

Congrats Sarah,
you have been an absolute pleasure to teach,
such a self-starter and so very mature and patient as I tried to handle 4 classes at once.
Thank you for always knowing what you needed to do,
even before I had a chance to tell you.
Also know that you were the faster learner I've ever had to master the potter's wheel.
I will miss you greatly.
You are in my heart and I love you so very much.
Can't wait to see where your life will take you from here.

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