Tuesday, May 2, 2017


It's such a magical time at the cabin right now.
Signs of new life everywhere.
Last fall I purchased 3 baby maple trees and planted them along the left front yeard of the cabin,
along the street edge,
wanting to use their roots to help hold the hillside that goes down to the creek.
I wasn't sure if they would make it thru the snowy winter we had,
but two weekends ago I saw life.
Little leaves sprouting on all 3!
There are 2 green leaf ones and a King Crimson with red/brown leaves in the middle.
My pocketbook is so thankful they made it!

Here is the Lilac on the left side of our front porch.
It is a little late blooming this year,
but look at it go!
My sweet mother would have loved it.

Next is the snowball bush I planted 3 years ago.
It is right on schedule with the other snowballs on the mountain.
They look like mini Hydrangeas which is one of my favorite plants.

This wonderful cluster of Bleeding Hearts must have been planted by the previous owner.
And I'm so glad it was!
I tried growing it down below at home but it seems to do better on the mountain.
It's related to the Poppy family 
and is a herbaceous perennial with underground roots that spread in the rich mulchy soil we have.
The hearts themselves are tiny and I had a really hard time getting a close-up 
as you can see.
Can't wait to see what's waiting for me next weekend!

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