Monday, May 1, 2017


Was up to visit the kids a couple of weekends ago and knowing that I love to garden,
they took me to the Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley.
It's a society that identifies and sells only California Native drought tolerant plants,
along with a store and small gallery which was showcasing the work of a botanical watercolorist.
There was a fabulous Ceramic Potter selling her pieces as well.
Found out she belongs to the Society,
so of course I had to make a purchase 
along with the most wonderfully illustrated children's book about baby owls for Lil Guy Syd.

So many of the plants were so unusual like the one below.
Dozens of species that I've never seen or have heard of.
Many of them resembling weeds that I'd pull out of my garden.

Their Butterfly Garden was just coming into bloom with some California Poppies,
and I couldn't resist taking a picture of this sweet young one reading 
with her pup while her parents shopped.

And specking of pups,
can you find the chocolate doggie in the plant cart above?

My son had his trusty California Native Guide with him 
and was identifying
 and telling us about the characteristics of some of the plants he purchased.
His Homeowners Association found out he is a Plant Scientist 
and has recently put him in charge of redoing the landscape design
 in front of their new townhome and the 7 others next to them.
I'm so proud and super excited to see what he will do.
They live in the San Fernando Valley which is known for it's really high temps. in the summertime.
So I think he will be going with Cacti,
Succulents and California Natives.
He and Nicole are practicing with the spot in front of their place right now.
And to save money they are propagating from their own succulents.

My favorite at the foundation was this huge Channel Island Bush Poppy that was exploding in color.

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  1. Native plantings are just such good common sense ... and beautiful