Monday, June 5, 2017


At our recent Open House,
the terrific & supportive Superintendent of our ABC Unified School District,
Dr. Mary Sieu,
stopped by to check out the student art.
She fell in love with 8th grader Loren Kim's lovely Dreamcatcher and
wanted to purchase it for her son & daughter-in-law who collect them.
Loren was thrilled and agreed to sell it.
Dr. Sieu was not able to take it with her that night
because the show runs for a couple of weeks,
so she agreed to come back at a later date to pick it up.
And true to her word, 
she dropped by last week to meet the artist and have their picture taken together.
I have known Dr. Sieu now for the past 37 years.
She has held many positions on her way up to Superintendant at the District Office.
I even taught her son art back in the day.
And I have never seen her in jeans and sneakers.
Always she is in a very professional business suit,
but she was headed over to one of our other high school sites to help them out 
with something that was going to require blood, sweat and tears.
So it was really fun for me to see,
 for the very first time,
 her looking so adorably comfortable.
We love you Dr. Sieu!
And thank you for always supporting us!!

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  1. Such ease in these smiling faces ... and jeans, the great equalizers!