Wednesday, May 24, 2017


brunching with my children down in the Long Beach Marina,
then walking it off 
watching the boats sail thru the bay to Catalina and the ocean beyond.

On another Mother's Day note,
I planted this lavender rose up at the cabin last Mother's Day in honor of my own mother,
Rose Patricia.
It survived the winter's snow and rains,
and has been blooming since one week before Mother's Day and is still going strong.
My mother's favorite color in her later years,
When my mother turned 60,
 I was 20 years old working at Ann's Flowers in Buena Park, Ca.
For her birthday present,
 the owner of Ann's helped me find 60 lavender roses to give her.
I will never forget her delight and surprise.

I miss you every day mom,
and talk about your goodness and understanding to your grandbabies as well as my students.
Right Eunice? 
Your grandson Zach has found his mate for life,
and you would have loved her.
She reminds me of you.
Gentle with an inner strength, astute, nurturing, understanding, a lover of nature and the ocean,
a gardener, a thoughtful listener, thankful & giving, a hard worker,
a lovely, good person.
And most importantly,
she loves your boy with all her heart.
They are so good together,
and I cannot wait to meet the babies they will make.
I only hope I will be able to be as wonderful a grandmother as you were to my babies. 
Happy Mother's Day

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