Saturday, April 8, 2017


India ink on Bristol Board with watercolor & collage accents

This post is dedicated to my fabulous 7th period T.A.,
 senior Deborah Harris.
She was good enough to pose for my 2nd year 2-D kids when we needed a model.
I put her under one hot light,
closed the other lights in my room,
 and she had to sit perfectly still for an hour each day
while the students drew ONLY the shapes of the cast shadows they saw on her face.

This assignment was a great challenge for them in proportions and right brain drawing skills.
Let's see how they captured her.

This first portrait was done by junior Samantha Tun
We all loved what she did with the border and framing of the drawing.
How she brought in watercolor in a playful way,
including bringing it into her portrait.
Way to go Sam!

Senior Eileen Lee chose a different point of view then Sam's Frontal.  
She is working with Deb's 3/4 View.
The kid's were allowed to draw in pencil first. 
 Then to come back with India Ink to outline and paint in the portrait.
Then somewhere in the work they either had to bring in watercolor or paper collage accents.
In this close up above we see that Eileen has brought in both watercolor and collage 
for a very cool watery look.

And then senior Ayesha Durrani also drew Deb in 3/4View
with another really involved backdrop.
She created watercolor puddles using a wet into wet technique,
let those dry,
then came into them with a white marker pen.
She also used her thin marker to do a bit of linear additions to make them feel like they connected.
Brilliant idea Ayesha!
Two different closeups.
So sensory!
I also appreciate how she brought the blue and purple watercolor into her portrait to tie it all together.
Bravo young ones!!


  1. Cool assignment, but I'm most taken with the backgrounds ... especially liking Sam's orbs, Eileen's moon and Ayesha's stars.

    1. It actually should be the other way around, but this year the backdrops stole the show LOL