Saturday, April 29, 2017


All of the bulb plants seem to be larger this year.
The blossoms taller, 
the leaves hardier.
I'm guessing it's the loads of rainfall we finally had,
or that the soil is so rich with it's own mulch.
I could bag that soil and sell it,
it's so yummy and full of nature's goodness.

I don't even remember planting this lovely champagne shade of hyacinth,
but I do remember these tiny crocus below (mixed with daffs)
but they were never popped their heads up this high before. 

I had way more tulips last spring then this single one,
because the squirrels have returned to the area. 
This winter they dug almost all of them up and ate them.
Pesky buggers.

And this year I am planting two new additions.
The lovely drapey Wisteria that will climb over one of Jim's handmade arbors,
and the fragrant yellow shrub that smells similar to gardenia called Sweet Broom.
We see it every spring on our way up and down the mt.
making our drive a glorious experience for our senses.

And of course the incredible daffodils that always make me smile.

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