Tuesday, April 4, 2017


aka Hoop Weavings
handspun/hand dyed yarns, metal hoops, misc. yarns, twigs & embellishments

Like I was saying in yesterday's blog post,
this is an assignment from the late 70's early 80's that I'm bringing back again 
due to it's popularity in today's culture.
Any textile related magazine I pick up these days 
shows that weaving has made a come back big time,
with many new books on the subject popping up on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

What impressed me so with my own students 
is the variety of approaches they took
 to solve their minimum requirements dilemma.
Let's take a peek.

This first asymmetrical beauty was created by junior Jillian Morris.
Love how she thought to put the stick below rather then above.
Brilliant move kiddo!

And 8th grader Loren Kim thought to warp and weave from two separate directions 
which brings wonderful balance to this work, 
as well as her soft color scheme thru the use of her handspun yarns.
Also love all the fringe she added.

These next two were made by 8th grader Selina Luo and junior Connie Wu.
Even though they have similar colors in common, 
they couldn't be more different which I love.
Have I mentioned before
 how I hate it when Art Teachers make everybody do the exact same thing
so that there is no critical thinking involved?
Kills me.

8th grader Yusra Azmi and senior Sarah Woo created these next two beauties.

And here we have 8th grader Dana Ahmad and senior Alexis Bilas-Imperial
showing off their cool designs.

And of course no post about my 3-D class would be complete 
without a pix of what English Teacher Donna Hall is up to.
She is a remarkable colorist,
with an innate sense of balance in design.
Her's is the perfect way to end Part I.

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  1. As always, a diverse array of patterns (the asymmetric ones especially), wonderful colors and textures ... but the one that keeps drawing me back is the simple elegance of Loren Kim's innovative crossed weave, enhanced by her two-color scheme.