Thursday, April 6, 2017


For Xmas this year,
 my daughter Dani showed me a catalog with Lace Dream Catchers
 and asked me if I could make her one.
I've been seeing these as well,
 all over Pinterest, 
and have been wanting to try my hand at it.
 This was the perfect opportunity. 
I said "Consider it done".
I pulled out my vast collection of antique lace doilies from all the estate and garage sales I go to,
and had her pick her favorite.
She couldn't make up her mind between this one and the next one below...
so I made two
I really like this 2nd one below with my handspun yarn wrapping round the hoop,
the turquoise necklace hanging thru the middle...
with the little off white hand charm dangling down.
I also strung some handspun in the fringe
along with white feathers.
It has a soft tribal look to it.
She has both on display in her newly remodeled bedroom,
along with the cow skull I drove to New Mexico for in 1986 to decorate our first home with.
I had a real Native American vibe going on back then and apparently it's back again as well.
I like that!

It's funny,
when Dani was growing up in that home,
 she probably never even noticed that cow skull.
Then two months ago she asked me,
"You don't happen to have a cow skull that  I can put in my bedroom, do you?"
As a matter of fact I do!
It was sitting in my garden up at the cabin just chilling, 
waiting for her.

Life is funny.


  1. Things glide past our notice until they connect with us in some way. I recall my parents giving me a lovely silver vase on our 25th wedding anniversary, so excited to be passing it on. Sadly, I had no recollection of where it had been in the house I grew up in.

    1. Funny how that is, same with me when I was little.