Thursday, April 27, 2017


Dearest Whitney Alumni, Students and Staff,

Just want you all to know I'm OK.
Lost my balance and fell off the third rung of ladder yesterday 
and conked the back of my head and my back on the floor.
Definitely knocked the wind out of me,
and I may have uttered a few inappropriate words on my way down,
I apologize LOL

Special thanks to Ms. Improta and Mr. Spratt who was in my room at the time,
they were on the spot to hold my hand,
get me help and eventually call an ambulance.
More thanks go to Joe Cruz our S.I.A.,
 who wouldn't let me move and took all my vitals.
He told me I went into shock a little,
and that I may have cussed a few more times :)

And a great big thanks to Mrs. Shea who rode with me in the ambulance,
made me take big deep breaths when I threatened to lose it,
and held my hand in the emergency.
And to our Principal John Briquelet and Dean of Discipline Cragg Spratt,
who followed the ambulance to the Hospital,
and stayed with me until my ex-husband Inars and daughter Dani could get there.
My husband Jim was up at our cabin and couldn't be reached till it was all over.
My daughter had just had surgery herself so I sent them home.

X Rays were taken of my spine and neck,
and a CT scan of my head.
No injuries to either,
 thank goodness.
What they did find were broken blood vessels at the back of my head 
that were causing my scalp to swell.
Feels really inky.

I think my biggest injury was to my pinky on my right hand.
I think it got caught on something because I might have used it to break my fall.
and it looks as if it was getting ripped off at the nail quick.  
Still bleeding.

The Doc at emergency released me at about 4:00ish to drive and return to work,
and a cool nurse named Ozzie helped me load Uber onto my phone,
so I had my first Uber ride back to school.
My children will be so impressed ha ha

When I got back to Whitney,
 they didn't want me to drive my car home which was fine with me 
since I was still  shaky,
so another special thanks are in order for teachers Andy and Aileen Perry 
who followed each other and
drove myself and my car home.

So one big more thank you to my Whitney family!
I love you guys!!


  1. OHMYGOSH MRS. SPOSA!! D: I'm glad you're ok! I hope you feel better <3 Get some rest! No running around for now! haha LOTS OF LOVE from Chicago <3

  2. Oh my ... so thankful this story has a happy ending. Love to all who cared for you!

  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee......SCAREY!

    much love as you recover your balance, physically and emotionally.

  4. Oh, my goodness, so glad you were surrounded by good care!

  5. As least you're okay. Señora Barry came in today wondering if you were okay and resting at home. I told her that you were most likely at home and resting. Seventh period was all worried about you. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  6. Brandon DelgadoMay 2, 2017 at 8:12 PM

    Glad your okay!