Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I was trying to remember how many years old Alumni Josh Berger's Garden is now.
What I do know is I don't think he'd recognize it.
The succulents have quadrupled in size after the rains this winter,
so that there is barely any negative space left to plant/fill in.
In fact,
now when I see staff or students admiring it, 
I break off succulent pieces to share.
I find that so many of our students have never gardened 
and they are so thrilled to try their hand at this growing thing.
Recently I gave Coach Milan several handfuls for his home.
So please don't be shy,
they is plenty to go around.
Speak up!
What's blooming right now are the Amaryllis bulbs
that have multiplied over the years.
And just finishing are the Freesias 
that were remarkable this year and are proving to have great dye properties.
Also in the backdrop are the variegated geraniums.
I've been thinking a lot about this garden recently because retirement is looming closer.
Who will take care of it when I'm gone?
Water, weed, fertilize, and deadhead?
it might give me a good reason to visit my home away from home.

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