Wednesday, April 5, 2017


metal hoops, handspun/hand dyed yarns, misc. yarns, twigs & embellishments

I hope you enjoyed Part One yesterday of these Contempory Hoop Weavings.
Here are the rest.

We start today with junior Rachel Kannampuzha,
and her creative & lovely piece.
She always brings her best to my classroom no matter what media we are working in.

And oh, oh, oh,
here we go with junior Lynette Lee.
Look at how she is showcasing her handspun 
as well as a few antique cloth covered buttons.
and a class favorite!

And don't you just love the soft colors 8th grader Leanne Alcoy has used in this one?
8th graders doing this sophisticated of designs,
 I love my job here at Whitney!

And then there is junior Juliana Oliveira.
Love her slightly asymmetrical design!
How cool and clever is that?

But then there is senior Crystal Lai-Ton-Nu 
who brings us a very formal,
 symmetrically balanced piece that I love just as much.
And check out those lovely soft color choices,
and beautiful texture in her fringe.

Another of the class favorites was made by senior Vicky Hur,
who I've been trying to talk into becoming an Art Major.
This young woman has an innate sense of design that comes thru in every piece she creates.
This is a brilliant work Vic for so many reasons..

And sweet senior Julie Ahn cleverly thought to incorporate her twig right into the piece
 rather then above or below.
She also thought to attach her warp strings to it,
so she is left with 3 great negative spaces that equalize her piece.
Fantastic critical thinking.

We end with senior Hannah Park
who is usually one of the last of the bunch to get started with her production
 because she puts so much thought into all her designs.
This piece is no different,
so much coolness going on.
Like for instance 
the string of blue beads that are counterbalancing the twiggy parts of the branch upper left.

Putting one of these together after many years away was a blast.
I hope all of you out there get a chance to try this technique.
It's a great way to use up all those leftover yarns from other projects.