Sunday, April 23, 2017


Because of all the wonderful rain we finally had this year,
the daffodils on the mountain were plentiful,
with some of the heads ginormous.

Our governor has finally told us that the California drought is officially over,
but I still find myself in water conserving mode.
But I have a bad feeling we are in for a really hot summer.
Thank goodness I will be able to water the yards this year.

Below I'm trying to get the daffs home in the jeep between my feet so they don't spill over.
Couldn't move my legs for an hour and 15 minutes.
But look at them,
 it was so worth it!
We brought home a good 100 every weekend for about 3 weeks
 which I was able to share with students and staff.
Made everyone happy!

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  1. I do miss daffodils ... thank you for sharing their abundance here