Saturday, October 29, 2016


windfall, perle cottons & seed beads

For me this was the most exciting project that my students attempted this year.
It's a new assignment that was inspired by Mixed Media Artists Alice Fox and Susanna Bauer
I've been following both these U.K. gals for several years now, 
and incredibly own a piece from both to teach with.
Both collect windfall and do amazing 2 and 3 dimensional artworks with their leaves.
If you haven't had a chance to see their work,
I strongly recommend you take a gander.
My students were required to and here is what they came up with.
Senior William Kim chose 3 very different leaves and
 tied them together thru colored perle cottons and beads.

I apologize for the next pictures.  
I had framed them under glass for the District Art Show & Senior Awards Banquet Nite,
and didn't want to take them apart to shoot the pix.
So sadly there is glare.

This next one was done by junior Shreya Sheth.
I believe she chose a perle cotton that had rich looking multi-colored thread for a great contrast.
The kids had a choice to seal their leaves with Modge Podge or to just leave them natural.
Coating them made them much less likely to break.

Her are two more of Will's leaves.
I so love how he thought to incorporate the beads.
And I'm pretty sure that hole was already there in the bottom leaf.

This wasn't an easy assignment.  The kids broke many leaves before they got the hang of it.
All these leaves were collected with my dog on her walks both up at the cabin and down below.

Senior Amber Wu put together this gentle trio.
Love the asymmetry of it.

And lastly senior Hazel Cruz took a completely different and more difficult approach.
She strung threads between the breaks in one section.
You can see this in the close up below.

Spectacular work all of you!
Thank you for trying this project out for me,
and for creating such beauty from windfall.


  1. I hesitate to send this link as my leaves can't hold a candle to the creations here, but for future assignments, you might consider including weave as an element and live oak leaves as a base (they're quite durable).

  2. What coolness! Especially love the threaded cracks.

  3. Oh, lovely! The beads are great addition! I've been embroidering leaves as well, but am definitely stealing some of these ideas. :)