Wednesday, October 12, 2016


My beautiful friend at school,
Cindy Bailey,
secretary to our Assistant Principal Rose Ellen Shea,
is rocking the Ceramic Chimes I showcased yesterday.
Cindy is fairly new to our school 
(I believe she is in her 3rd year),
but she has already made herself indispensable to all of us.
Cindy is steadily building up her art collection by supporting our students
 and buying a few pieces each year at Open House to put on permanent display in her office space.
Her back wall looked so naked,
and she has been so good to me,
 that I thought it would be a nice gesture to gift her the chimes.
She loves them and so do many of the other staff members.
I'm thrilled that she's delighted.

Thank you Cindy for your friendship and all you do for us at Whitney.
You have definitely become part of our family.


  1. Her smile says it all ... and how wonderful that your students will be able to see their creations whenever they are in the office!

  2. I absolutely love it!! Pictures don't do it justice! I'm always amazed at what you create Debi and how incredible you are with your students. I can't wait until I can participate in a class with you! The wall behind my desk is the most beautiful wall in the school! Thank you for all of the kind words....right back at you! You've welcomed me to WHS with open arms and I'm so blessed to call you my friend <3

    1. I'm so glad you like it Cindy, just want to say sorry it took me so darn long to hang it up. xoxox

  3. I absolutely love it!! The pictures don't do the colors justice! It's so incredibly beautiful! I'm so blessed to call you my friend and I thank you so much for brightening up my little corner of Whitney High School with such an amazing piece!! You are truly a gift to your students and to us at WHS < 3

  4. This is just great- the chimes and their new home!