Friday, October 7, 2016


dyed wool rovings, warm soapy water, bits & pieces of this and that, embroidery w/ perle cottons
 & misc. embellishments

Oh my, 
this is a super fun unit.
Lots of barnyard smells going on as the kids learn the age old technique of feltmaking.
The prep before the actual felting was a glorious riot of colors.
And then there was the actual felting experience.
The kids got soaking wet as they worked the warm soapy water into the wool.
We do this outside because of the bubbly wet mess it makes everywhere.
hee hee

Here are a few of the felted pieces before I put them into my washing machine 
to shrink them down even further.

Some close-ups.
And now onto the finished products.

I'm starting with senior Karen Long who made these adorable children's shoes.
These were a class favorite.
I always have thrift-ed antique laces & dollies for the kids to incorporate into their projects.
If you look closely at their felts you will see some that are embedded within the layers of wool.

Next we have was this little cutie by 8th grader Elliana Lee,
another class favorite.
Is it a whale/mouse?
I just want to pet it. 
 So tactile and sweet..

Several of the young ones made their pieces into journals.
Here we have 8th grader Malia Pulido above 
junior Insha Khan.
Beautiful pieces girls with a lot of effort being put into the embroidery!!

And here's another sweet one by junior Helen Park.
Have you noticed that all these students have learned about visual flow?
Every embellishment they add should flow with their colors they chose to put into the wool.
They are graded on this for every assignment.

From above to below for Ms. Deliana Park,
English teacher.
She created a pouch from her very pretty piece of felt.
(note Ms. Hall how Deliana likes the same colorways you do)

One of my favs was this stuffed star by senior Charity Lizardo.
Just really loved how the colors came together in the felt (a lot of cool swirling going on),
how she allowed her seams to show 
& of course the cute buttons at the end of each ray.

And 8th grader Sydney Eng made this very elegant & sophisticated clutch.

And then another of my favorites was this journal by senior Hapshiba Kwon.
I hope you took your journal with you to college Hap,
and are writing your heart out inside it.
Love to all of you,
I miss you guys.


  1. Delightful! Great color combinations & I love how each project is unique and expressive. Helen's kitty makes me smile with its flowery cheeks.

  2. I'm late responding by to this one because there was so much to see. The tiny shoes are amazing, but I really like the idea of journal covers. What a great incentive to write having such appealing colors and textures to interact with. But it was the last picture that got me thinking: how cool would it be to have a felted smartphone pocket?!