Sunday, October 9, 2016


tea bags, batting, embroidery thread, watercolor

At the start of this school year in an earlier post I featured Mixed Media Artist,
Jen Mullen,
and her delightful tea bag quilted piece that she sent to me to teach with.
I offered EXTRA CREDIT to all my art students who wanted to try doing something similar.
I know for a fact that two of my blog readers are taking advantage of this opportunity.
An artist in her own right,
Liz Ackert from I'm Going toTexas blog fame,
 and my Ceramics I senior,
Eunice Shim,
 have responded that they will give it a try.

The piece has been hanging in my room for the past two months since school started
for all to see and get close to.
But Liz has requested a few close-ups cuz she's far, 
far away in Texas,
but one day hoping to have her drop by here for a visit.
I've been promising her that I will deliver,
so here they finally are.
Sorry it took me so long Liz.
The start of this school year has been a bit of a challenge,
and I'm just now starting to get caught up.
Thank you for your patience.
Looking forward to seeing what you and Eunice will create,
and hoping that more of my students will still take advantage of this great opportunity.


  1. Thank you!! This was absolutely worth waiting for and I'm actually glad that I took some time to explore without preconceived notions.

  2. I should have backed it and buried threads in the batting, but it was a fun experiment, and I'm so glad it pleased you! :)

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you didn't ... I love seeing process revealed!