Wednesday, October 26, 2016


8th grader,
Palmer Patel,
who took the Art Wheel with me last year in 7th grade,
 has come back this year for Beginning 3-D art.
He has a very special mother,
She has shared with me that she has been stitching every night with Palmer 
to help him learn this new & difficult skill.
Because stitching & embroidery are fairly challenging for someone to learn,
they are especially challenging for 8th grade boys.
Usually completely out of their realm.

So Katherine,
bring the remarkably patient woman she is,
will sit down with Palmer at home and let him teach her what we are learning in class.
This way Katherine is not only brushing up her skills from childhood,
she is also re-demoing them for Palmer.
I loved that she thought to do this with him,
and to send me a pix of her sampler that she made to help Palmer with.
So delicate & lovely,
and you can feel the gentle underwater currents thru her use of curved lines.
I also really like her color choices.
What a wonderful mom you are Katherine.
What a lucky young man Palmer is.
Thank you for helping and supporting me always!
I appreciate all the help I can get,
especially with a class of 35 kids!

OK Katherine,
how about joining me next Monday after school so I can teach you to spin yarn.
If you thought the stitching was difficult,
this new skill is a real Loo-Loo
Let's make you a spinning hook and get you some fiber.

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