Tuesday, October 25, 2016



Bernice has been crazy busy settling into her dorm & work load 
at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
located right in the downtown area.
The first two years the kids are not required to name their major
 because the Art Institute wants them to try all the various media to see where their strengths lie.
Bernice tells me she's loving it there.
Let's see how much she loves their winters with the super duper wind chill off the lake.
Hee hee
She says it's great being around people that are interested and excited about the same things she is.
In fact,
she's loving it so much that she says she doesn't even feel like she's in school,
more like a fun summer camp.
So let's see some of her first assignments.

For this piece in her research class,
 Bernice was required to make a mixed musical tape that related to a specific theme.
All the others in the class did the same and then they exchanged with each other.
She was to listen to the one she got then draw/paint/design to what she felt from the music.
that must have been some tape!
So many different emotions and messages going thru it.
Great interpretation!!

In this next work for her Core class,
 the theme was to design to the figure.
Because Bernice tried her hand at Fracturing here at Whitney,
she felt comfortable with that format.
Notice how she drew a silhouette of the upper torso,
then fractured around and thru it.
Really cool Bernice. 
I also like how you added a touch of color.

One of her hardest pieces to date for her Core class,
was to sew on the machine a wearable piece of art.
She has never sewn before so this was really challenging for her.
Well Bernice,
for never having worked with a pattern or machine,
I'm super impressed with what you came up with.
Good for you!!

And then this week she sent me a pix of her latest creation,
this Emulation.
She said it is HUGEE!!!
48" by 72".
That's ginormous for a little pup like you Bernice.
That must have been bigger then you  LOL
I'm very impressed with your hard edges,
your balancing,
and your neutral color choices.
Powerful piece woman!!!
Proud of you Bernie,
and delighted to show you off.
More please!

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