Sunday, October 23, 2016


indigo vat, cotton, strong thread & needles

Not only do my 7th graders get a chance to dip into the Indigo Vat,
but so do my Beginning 3-D kids.
For my 7th graders we only have time to take a Tye-Dye approach to the dye,
but because the Beginners are in a year long class, 
we can go more into depth with needle and thread.

First we practice several techniques,
concentric circles,
various shapes, and wrapping.
Above we have senior Charity Lizardo & junior Cheryl Mae Malabo 's prelims.

This is a close-up of teacher Deliana Park's wrapped Prelim.
We all loved how she got a heart that had so much movement to it.
Super cool!!

After doing the prelims.,
each student gets another piece of cloth
to make their real one that they turn in for a grade.
Again ,
Deliana made one of the class's favorite designs.
All these interesting horizontal lines.

And junior Insha Khan's design was glorious as well.
She stitched circles around some rust pieces with border lines.

After these were graded and handed back 
they had a choice to use them as the backs for their Solar Dyed Pillows (coming up),
or to use these as fronts for another pillow,
or perhaps a journal cover.
The sky's the limit! 


  1. Oh, brilliant results! I was wishing for a day of indigo dying, but it's too cold here.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration ... I'm hoping to brew an indigo vat in the not-too-distant future. I will turn backflips if I pull off a swirling heart like this one!