Monday, October 17, 2016


This past spring we had two large raccoons living in the trees around our cabin property.
And then this summer we had 5.
The daddy took off for parts unknown,
or at least we haven't seen him tending to the little ones,
but the mommy is constantly with her 4 babies.
During the day they travel back and forth across our back property
 and climb the trees,
hanging out,
alternating between sleeping in the shade and sun,
 and enjoying each others company.
Then all night long they play and eat,
and eat and play.
They make a mess of both our front and back porches and yards,
overturning the carefully stacked logs that I've built a walkway with,
digging in my planters for grub to eat and spilling dirt all over the porches,
tipping the birdbath over trying to drink the bird's water.
We never know what we will find each morning.
They are mischievous,
but oh so cute to watch.

The mother is such a good mommy.
She makes the kids march in single file across our yard,
standing up on her back legs to scold the last one in line who isn't keeping up.
She is loving and they adore her,
wanting to sit and lie all over her.
And they watch us too,
and don't seem to be afraid of us.
I think it's only a matter of time before they come up on the porch wanting us to feed them.
Everyone tells us not to,
but it's really hard not too cuz they are so dang cute.
What to do?????


  1. Water ... all creatures need it and it's a kindness to leave it in a safe place out of view of hawks or other predators. Sadly, I think feeding critters can backfire all too easily. The best example that comes to mind is hummingbird feeders, where refined white sugar in water may provide easy energy, but without the nutrients of flower nectar.

  2. i should have said many experiences with raccoons is that
    once they begin to feel comfortable about the house it's not long till they
    figure out how to go IN and really, don't take no for an answer.
    And there's such heart ache in that scenario

  3. Don't feed them. They may look cute but they are not safe animals