Thursday, March 24, 2016

paper collage on cardboard, bookbinding tape and ribbon

Every year these portfolios just seem to get better and better
as the kids come up with more complex designs 
based on the Design Elements and Principles we've covered.

A great example is this piece by junior Eunice Shim.
First off she asked if she could design her portfolio on the vertical instead of the horizontal.
No one had ever done that before,
so I told her to go for it.
I love how it came out.
And it just makes so much sense with her design.
I adore the imagery she came up with and her use of color.

And how cool is this one by senior Rosenne Cho?
The students were required to make two 18" by 24" paper collages 
in two completely different color schemes.
The reason Rosenne's design pops so well is the contrast she has achieved
 by doing one of the collages in light neutrals and the other in dark analogous purples and blues.
This gives her incredible contrast for when she has to cut out and glue her papers side by side..

Senior Emily Allan has gone all out with both color and design
for an exceptional piece.
I love how she planned out her two contrasting papers by choosing both warm and cool.
And along with her phenomenal design she has created a super dynamic piece.

Another of my favorites because of color and design was this one by senior Jason Kim.
Every time I walked by as he was building it,
I had to stop and exclaim over his rich color choices.
Plus look closely at all those petals he had to cut out with an X-acto knife.
An incredible amount of time and effort was put into the construction of this one.
(I apologize for my camera picking up the shine from the tape we put over top to protect the work,
so distracting)

The kids were required to work to some kind of nature theme.
I love, love, love trees,
so I'm thrilled that senior Andrew Jun chose a tree and it's root system.
And what a soft and lovely colorway he did it in.

Junior Samantha Tun did this very fun Halloween composition.
We make these in October,
perhaps a bit of trick-o-treating was on her mind here.  :)
 great contrast between her two collage papers and beautifully crafted.

Senior Sriram Velmanikandanis
 the artist of this striking portfolio above,
has captured this big, bold bird gliding over the sun.

And our last one was done by senior Jay Olano.
Fabulous contrast between his papers,
and a strong design tying in his interest with sports surrounded by a sun motif  as his nature theme.
Tricky and cool!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing these glorious creations,
the critical thinking that went into their designs,
and the huge amount of effort they put into pulling them off.

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  1. Never was book tape put to more creative use! And I know this is random, but I really liked seeing Samantha and Sriram's pieces next to each other color wise.