Thursday, March 10, 2016


I love match making at school,
but these two cuties got together before I could work my magic.
(sorry the pix are so blurry,
I was trying to be quick and sneaky LOL)

Seniors Iris Xu and Sriram Velmanikandan
are two of my new favorites this year,
Iris in Beg. 3-D,
& Sriram in Beg. 2-D.
Both are doing wonderfully in my classes,
Iris has learned to sew and Sriram to draw.

But what I wanted to try to capture on camera is the depth of their caring towards each other,
 and how good Sriram is with Iris.
As you can see she fascinates him,
 and he has the most patience and gentleness with her
 as he holds back her hair so it won't get singed while she does her wood burning at lunchtime.
It just fills my heart to see this tender young love, 
and I hope you two don't mind that I share it with the whirled.


  1. It all looks perfectly clear to me ...

  2. Awww! How special. This is really hard to find in high schooL. Well, there goes my heart. Love you sriram!!❤️❤️