Sunday, March 27, 2016


My posting will probably be a bit spotty this week.
But I will try my best to keep up.

To my students,
I wish you a relaxing break.
Especially to my seniors.
Got my fingers crossed that you all will hear from more of your 1st choice colleges.

Trying not to think of school,
but finding I 'm dreaming of you guys regardless.
Last night Antoinette Jabat,
you were my White Rabbit helping me to find my way back to my classroom
from a very scary Disneyland at night and after hours.
Sadly we never made it.
You were too fast for me and I couldn't keep up.
And I went thru the wrong door.
When I came back thru it to retrace my steps you were gone.
I was so upset I woke myself up
ha ha

Love to all...

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