Sunday, March 6, 2016


I'm in the process of taking a new painting class called
"For the Love of a Tree"
from really fabulous artist Diane Culhane.
I've fallen in love with her work via Carla Sonheim's blog.

Her technique is so loose and playful,
not knowing where you will end up at.
This is so good for me,
freeing myself up to just enjoy the process.
It's funny,
I can do that in fiber and clay
but not so much in drawing and painting,
so this is just such a wonderful stretch for me.
I'm enjoying it so much that I will be incorporating it into my curriculum next year for my 
Intermediate or perhaps Advanced 2-D students.
haven;t figured that out yet.


  1. Deb, that looks like such fun and colorful class. Can't wait to see the work you create in the class.

    1. I will be sure to post it when I'm done :)