Tuesday, March 8, 2016


So two weekends ago,
a dear friend's mother invited us over for her homemade sweet potato pie.
And she sent us home with a big piece on one of her most favorite pieces of china.
A big mistake.  :(
I put it on top of my car to load it very last so it wouldn't get mushed,
and you guessed it,
I drove off with it on top of my car.
I took the first curve a bit fast,
cuz that's how I roll,
and oh no,
I heard a big crash behind me.
I pulled over to the side of the road and my pie was all over the pavement,
as was her beautiful daffodil garden plate.
I felt really, 
really bad.
What to do?
My critical thinking skills kicked in immediately.
Make her a mosaic frame and maybe she wouldn't be too mad at me.
Not only wasn't she mad,
she told me that she and her husband do things like that all the time.
Phee Shuu
she was delighted with the frame.

I was also able to find her a replacement dish on the internet.
I was fairly surprised since I'm pretty sure she had these dishes for over 40 years.
But I'm finding you can find pretty much anything on the Internet.
When I picked the plate up off the street it was in about 8 pieces or so.
I used my nippers to break it up into much smaller pieces,
and was able to fit every piece onto the frame except for one.
I was also very lucky to have one of my ex art students,
junior Lauren Kennedy,
who comes in everyday 7th period to volunteer her time in my classroom,
to help glue all the tiny pieces down.
Thank you Lauren for all your help with this!!
You made two old ladies very happy.

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  1. What a great story! You can come to my house for a visit anytime!