Wednesday, March 16, 2016


wood scrap, wood burning, saws, drills and paper, c-clamps, miter boxes, paint staining, 
paper collage, & embellishment

My little crafty  woodworkers have been busy recycling,
tearing apart and putting back together again
to create these fanciful little creatures you will see.
Here junior Helen Park is bringing in an old chair 
to be used for the assignment.

And here she,
 is in complete safety gear,
 using the jigsaw to cut out the main body of her creature.

Tah Dah..,.
some of the finished ones that sit or stand 
and the others that hang.

So let's take a closer look at several.
This first one was crafted by senior Eileen Wang.
I added a new requirement to the assignment.
Eileen has done so many clever things to make her piece special.
Wood burning on the cork body,
hand spun yarn for the hair,
and recycled eyelet fabric for dress.

The next one by senior Clarissa Gutierrez conveys such peace and happiness thru facial expression.
This year they had to make their faces from Polymer clay and paint or stain them,
and I'm thrilled with their results.
The kids had a choice to attach wings or not.
I love that Clarissa did.

And let's check out what Mrs. Park created.
She actually made two,
and we'll see the other tomorrow in Part II.
One of the things she thought to do with both touched my heart so much.
She found two old wooden play toys of her kids,
sanded them down, 
sawed them up and used them as bodies for both her works.
I also really like that she surrounded her piece in wire,
incorporating other lessons learned prior to this.
and the crochet dollie was rescued from a garage sale.
Deliana made it her own by embroidering on it with little blue flowers.

Next we have 8th graders Carl Estrada and Iris Lin,
both super stars from last years Art Wheel.
Carl thought to marbleize his Polymer before making his face (clever boy),
and both their faces are so very expressive!!
Iris has reused lots of hardware and flip top cans in her piece,
and Carl has done some cool wood burning and staining on his arms.
Great job you two!

And this little cutie was done by senior Iris Xu.
Check out below the awesome wood burning she did on the side of the body,
and the amazing feet she created out of Polymer.

Well this is it for Part I.
I hope you'll stop by again tomorrow for Part II of Busy Beavers. 

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  1. I love how the toes on Deliana Park's tiny dancer point to a perfect little house...