Friday, March 11, 2016


india ink with mixed media

I'm so pleased to be able to show these off.
As always the kids did a fantastic job with their creative designs.

The assignment was to draw a silhouette of a recognizable imagex
and enlarge it so that it takes up a goodly portion of the paper (18" x 24")
Then to pick a plant/tree/bush/flower to work from,
and draw it right over the silhouette.
The rest is complex, tricky and optical.
The students choose where to fill in with india ink and where not to.
And then at the end they are required to bring in one additional medium. 

So for instance in this lovely piece by junior Clarisa Kim,
she has chosen to use a violin for her silhouette.
She picked at least 3 different plants that she has drawn over top,
and then her special medium,
a touch of watercolor.

Roseanne Cho challenged herself with this next stunning piece.
She has drawn a striking composition with the zebras,
and then drawn branches coming over top with a tiny touch of watercolor. 

Eunice Shim went all out in this next work.
A phoenix is landing on a tree limb with wild splashes of textural watercolor.
Love how the wing feathers are overlapping the tree trunk on the left top corner.

This next one by senior Matthew Flores is so cool.
A man is flying thru the air entangled in plants in the moonlight.

And how about this powerful and complex design created by Mikaela Makalinao.
She really gives us the feeling that this storm trooper is hiding in the bushes waiting for the go ahead to attack. 

I would describe these next two by Vickie Hur and Emily Allan as soft and delicate.
Both girls have brought in a lot of wonderful watercolor
moving it from dark to lighter values.

And Junior Vivian Chang came up with a unique new idea that I might like to try next year.
She cut out the bottom of her paper to work with her silhouette.
That's so pretty Viv!

Junior Ayesha Durrani used the Lion King to inspire her design for a very beautiful piece.

And senior Sriram Velmanikandan also came up with a new idea.
For his special something he thought to glue down broken shards of glass.
Love it!
And yes,
this is the Sriram from yesterday's post  :)

One of my favorites was this dramatic piece by senior Nandan Vinjaamury.
Can you find the silhouette?
The special something doesn't necessarily have to be thru color.
He chose to draw all the zentangly lines around the edging which brings so much added interest to the eye.

And this last one by junior Jazzarie Lo is so much fun.
Look closely at all her thoughtful details.


  1. Oh Clarisa Kim ... is that you playing? I love your silhouettes!

    1. P.S. You all have inspired me to try doing a silhouette in stitch. Thank you!!