Thursday, March 7, 2013

Slab Footed Bowls - Student Work

I posted about this assignment yesterday showing you my demo pieces.  Today I want to show the student results from my Ceramics I class, so here they are.

I'm starting off with senior Lilith Huang's owl.  Lilith always gives me some of the best work in the class.  Her designs and craftsmanship are tight, and she spends a lot of time figuring out how to glaze and finish her pieces.  I like how she related her foot design spirals to the spirals on the owl wings.  I call that great visual flow.
In this next work below by senior Hylie Jeffries, he has come up with a very clever design idea, plus I like that he has incorporated some text into his piece.  Also notice the great job he did with his foot.  More solid visual flow.  This is a very difficult form to pull off for a beginner.  So way to go Hylie!

This very organic and wonderful pot was made by senior Kristen Palma.  We have seen her work before, because the clay loves her, and she loves the clay.  The same thing happened to me when I was 17 at Sunny Hills High School (shout out to my mentor Sally Foster Wilde, you changed my life).  I really like how Kristen has shown off her stamped designs by lightly brushing a bit of rutile oxide over top her tan glaze.

In this piece by junior Aditi Ramesh, I really appreciate her softly ripped edges from the thumping and dragging she has done with the clay.  The pedestal base gives the bowl an elegant feel.  And the black glaze she chose really accents her embossed designs.  
Senior Helen Baek has made a really lovely leaf that's wonderfully glazed in turquoise with a touch of chrome carbonate oxide to highlight her vine.  And I really like how she curved her feet inwards.  It gives the piece a very aerodynamic feel.
Below, junior Tim Creasy has rolled out his slab, stamped it with his own stamps he made and trimmed an echo pattern around the outside.  He repeated the triangular stamp shape on his feet forms.  Again, these kids are understanding how to tie their work together.

Sophia Lu, senior, has also gone for a leaf shape above

Martin Yang, senior, went for a very complex form.  He built his own mold rather then using an existing one. So 3 newspaper balls taped together was the structure that he molded his rolled slab over.  He's embedded fantastic textures into his clay with an interesting scalloped edge.  What was a happy accident was that he applied his glaze too thickly and it did a bit of pulling away from his clay body, but it just adds to the great textures and pulls it all together.

Senor Sandra Osuji was another going with a leaf form.  What makes hers very special is the movement she has brought into her form and then the strong way she has finished it off with her oxide rub and thin layer of transparent glaze over top. 

Kevin Luong, a senior, knocked this assignment out of the park by using Salvador Dali as his inspiration.  
Fantastic job all of you, it was a pleasure to share your work! 

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