Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More 2nd Quarter 7th Grade Artwork

These, I believe, are the last postings for my 2nd Quarter 7th grade group.

These are their sweet Collage Boxes with Stamped Tissue and Wire Pendants.  This was a combo assignment where they design and made their wire wrapped pendants first, then collaged the outside of a recycled box to house them in, to finally learning 7 different patterns to choose from to stamp onto their tissue paper to wrap the pendants in.  Phew!!!!!!!!  So a lot of learning, designing and manipulating going on for the young ones.
This box and tissue design are by Kathleen Vo.  I love her theme here, because it's what we do in our art department where the funding is sorely lacking.  I call it dumpster diving.  :)
In this friendship box above, Ananya Raghavan has done a lovely job with her nature theme.  Notice her sweet shell pendant.
And in her passion box above,  Catherine Lu has chosen a warm color scheme to flow with her heart pendant.  So nice!  
Below we see Lynette Lee's crafty wire work on her pendant.  A super nice piece Lynette, you always have superb craftsmanship!

My two favorite pendants were these two last by Joseph Agoncillo (above) and Jesus Macias (below).  Both make me smile.  So much fun!

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