Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shape of Shadow Drawing - Student Work

Every year these drawings seem to get more and more lovely.  This year my T.A. senior Gisel Zabala graciously volunteered to be our model for my Intermediate 2-d students.  I set her up in the corner of the art room in a comfy chair and turned off the main lights then put a spotlight on the side of her face.  This created wonderful cast shadows.  On a smooth piece of Bristol board the kids were only allowed to draw the shapes of her shadows lightly in pencil then later India ink them in.  They were also required to bring in one additional medium.
So let's see what junior Megan Yeu did with the assignment.  Besides drawing a beautiful portrait of Gisel... 
she brought in a touch of Prismacolor pencil right over top the India ink.  Here is a close up above for you to see the subtle and almost shimmery effect this brings to the work.  She also did some gorgeous paper cut-out work and mounted the piece on top of silver poster board to show it off, again in a very subtle way.  Plus she watercolored in the background.  Really brilliant work Megan!

In this next piece above, senior Belinda Wu has once again show us her extraordinary skills in this very detailed piece.  Belinda chose to bring in watercolor in a very unique way.  She dabbed it on with her fingers, so that when you look up close you see her fingerprints.  It's so much fun!  Sorry I didn't think to get a close up of this.  I also really like how she bordered her piece out, it really pulls it all together. 
Junior Michaela Platt has brought in so much sensitivity to her work thru paper collage and watercolor.  The paper she chose also brings in some great looking texture.  The monochromatic color scheme ties it all together.  

And lastly we have senior Halah Elsahhar, who I honestly felt captured Gisel's likeness the best, as well as her very relaxed pose.  Halah brought in watercolor for her extra medium.  I really like how she painted birds flying thru Gisel's face. Super cool woman!
If you would like to see these pieces as well as all the other work I've been posting and more to come, our Annual Open House Art Show and Sale is going to be held on April 17th, so please mark your calenders.  More details to come.    

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  1. Your students produce extraordinary work! You must provide superb guidance.I would love to be in your class. Alas, I am 62 and live in the middle of the Canadian prairies, where it is SNOWING today, yet again. Sigh...