Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beginning Shibori Up Close - Student Work

(To see group shot and learn more about the assignment scroll down a few posts to Wednesday March 13, 2013)
Aren't these yummy?  I showed you the group pieces the other day, now I want to focus on the up close.
Senior Priyanka Shah

Senior Michelle Yoshimoto

Junior Ashley Duru

Eighth Grader Jenna De La Paz 

Senior Celine Phong

Senior May Luong

8th Grader Jacqueline Yu

Senior Mylan Jefferson

Junior Tristan Eddy

Senior Fernie Jacinto
And here's Jacqueline at our make-shift Shibori station hanging her piece up to dry.  What I love hear is the variety & uniqueness of each piece, no two are the same.  Now that's using their critical thinking skills  :)


  1. so creative and so inspirational.

  2. must be lovely to see them all together too!

  3. Really beautiful work. I want to go back to high school and be in your class.