Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Slab Footed Bowls - My Work

A really fun and easy assignment for my beginning clay kids is this Slab Footed Bowl that they make in the 1st Quarter.  Yeah, I know I'm behind schedule here  LOL.  Anyways, they can either roll or thump and drag a slab of clay and decorate it with at least 2 of the 6 surface design techniques I teach them.  In my piece here, I rolled my cylinder stamps over top the slab then scored and appliqued a clay heart towards the center area.  I also started by thumping and dragging my clay so that I was able to have very organic, torn and ripped edges.  We laid these decorated slabs over top a rolled and tapped newspaper ball so they would hold a concave shape while we attached a foot that flowed visually with the bowl.
To finish this piece after the bisque firing, I rubbed it with all 4 of my oxides, then wiped them off with a wet sponge (this is like staining wood).  My husband really liked how this piece tuned out and claimed it as soon as I brought it home.   Now that's true love  :)

This is the piece I demoed with last school year.  I really liked it until I glazed it with our Chili glaze.  I accidentally put the glaze on too thickly on the inside of the bowl so that it covered up my beautiful surface design I had going on.  For some reason the glaze didn't go on as thick on the backside, and that still looks decent.  One of my seniors last year, Jaimee Chirico, loved it so I gave it to her as a gift.   
Tomorrow I will post the beginner's Slab Footed Bowls.

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