Friday, March 29, 2013

Oil Pastel Land/Urbanscape - Student Work

This year senior Laura Kadi is my sole Advanced 2-D student.  She is in a class with my Beginning and Intermediate 2-D young ones, and oftentimes has to fend for herself as I am so occupied with my other two groups.  Thankfully Laura is self-motivated and needs no push to work her pieces out. She has been my art student since her 7th grade year and is a pleasure to work with. 

For this assignment Laura had to find a great resource to work from; the subject, a land or urbanscape.  Laura found this colorful photograph and decided to split her subject into 3 horizontal bands, just for something different.  She was inspired by local collage art student Andrea Ruygt's piece below.

Laura was required to work to a larger scale then she was used to 18" by 24"  in oil pastel.  This is her second attempt at oil pastel, her first was 6 years ago in her 7th grade year in my Beginning 2-D class.l
Last school year she choose water based pastel over oil when she did her Frontal Fracture portrait below of Marilyn Monroe.
 I'm so very pleased with the intensity and richness of her colors in her landscape .  Many kids want to smear the pastel to blend their values but just end up making their pieces look muddy.  I'm so glad Laura resisted this.  Your can see her stroke marks and I find that very textural and appealing.  I'm also very proud to announce that Laura has decided upon a major in Art History.  I'm hoping she will combine her studio skills with her historical knowledge and perhaps go into art restoration.  She has the patience of a saint and that will take her far in that field.  Good luck sweet girl, I love you!  

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