Tuesday, March 12, 2013

School Dye Garden - Springtime 2013

Incredible transformations have taken place these last 2 1/2 months since I posted my Holiday Dye Garden in December.  The Scroll bulb above that was only a nub has grown at least a foot and fanned out into tropical foliage (below behind red tulips).  The yellow and orange marigolds have dropped their seeds and disappeared, hopefully to come back during early summer. 
More bulbs are coming up, red and yellow tulips, pink, orange and yellow rynnoculas (sorry, my spell check can't find this word, I tried my best), red and white cyclamen that were planted this winter continue their blooming,  pink primroses were added, as well as alyssum and sweet little violets in various colorways. 
I've been saving all the windfall and also picking many of the blossoms and drying them out.  And as fast I can pick them, sophomore Karisma Dev in Special Studies 3-D is using them to dye with.  Can't wait to show you what she's up too.  :)
What's really amazing to me is that the community, who walk thru our school in the afternoons and at night time to get to the gym, the sports games and the park, respect our garden and have not touched or picked any flowers or stolen any of the pots.  That's pretty darn cool in this day and age.  So thank you Cerritos, Ca. 

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