Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Xmas Lights in the Southland

Two Fridays before Xmas, when I got home from work, my hubby asked me if I had ever seen the Xmas lights at Rogers Gardens.  No!  I didn't even know they had Xmas lights or were even open in the evenings, and it's one of my all time favorite places, so off we went.  We arrived just after sundown and it was so crowded, but totally worth the drive down in traffic.
I knew they decorated the place for Xmas but I had no idea how beautiful it was lit up in the evening.  In the center of the garden they have two trains meandering thru the trees, scrubs, flowers and poinsettias.
And in the indoor greenhouses the poinsettia displays were just awesome.

But it was the decorated trees inside the Xmas shop that were spectacular.  Huge trees filled with gorgeous ornaments that you could pluck off the trees and purchase.
Did I find a few bobbles?  You bet!

They also featured Xmas artists.  These styrofoam covered trees were to die for and very expensive.

In their covered patio area Jim asked if I'd ever been to Fashion Island in Newport to see the big tree?  Nope.  He said how long have you lived in So. Cal and not seen these sites??  All my life...
...so across the street we went to Fashion Island and this is what awaited us, one of the largest real trees I've ever seen.  Truly incredible.  I can't even imagine how much time it took to decorate this beauty! 
The ornaments were huge and many.
We ended the evening with a cup of hot chocolate.  Perfect....

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