Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tissue Collage Portfolios - Student Art

Have I told you lately how much I love my job teaching art here at Whitney High School???  Just look at the products I'm getting from my Beginning 2-D kids.  They give me so much effort in their projects, they come up with the most breathtaking designs, and they are as sweet as they can be, wanting to please me.  I am truly a lucky woman!
These pieces I'm showing off today were done in the beginning of the year as we were studying the 14 Design Elements and Principles.  I asked the kids to work each collage in one color scheme only, and then to take the two collages when they were dry, stack them on top of each other (right sides facing down), and to use a sun motif to inspire their design.  They then cut out the design shapes and alternated them as they glued them down on two different pieces of cardboard.  
The piece above was made by senior Joseph Chon.  Look close at the pix below and you can see how difficult it is to cut thru the collaged papers.  They are very thick and stiff with Mod Podge medium.  Curves are especially hard to cut .

The colorful piece above was done by  senior Joan Kim who used a warm color scheme for one collage and a cool color scheme for the other.  She will be majoring in art in the fall.  The gorgeous work below was created by senior Carolina Navor whom I've been teaching since she was in the 7th grade.  I asked the kids to bring in a special paper for their collage (I provided the tissue paper).
Look closely at Carolina's and you can see that she, like Joseph, used text as their special paper.  Plus Carolina also brought in some papers that had stamped suns already on them.

This complex beauty above was done by senior Emily He and showcases her name in the center area.  And senior Archie Ravichandran outdid herself with her very difficult but stunning and powerful piece below.
A close up of Archie's shows the difficulty level of the design she had to cut out, alternate and re-glue.  It also shows all the different kinds of text she bought in to use (some that she wrote out herself).

In the work above, senior Corrine Marcus was able to achieve both rhythm and movement within her beautiful design.  And below, senior Michelle Chang pulled off another very complicated piece.  Take a look inside her circle to see a baby growing.  Amazing and lovely pieces.  Congrats to all of you!
For EXTRA CREDIT on a multi-colored piece of paper, cut out a sun motif.  On the front side put your name and on the back side write the name of the person whose portfolio you liked the best.  Hand to me tomorrow when you walk in the door.

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  1. These are so inspiring! Just a quick clarification of process (b/c I'd like to try these!)
    Did they stack the two collages together and then cut out the design through both sheets of paper? Did they use scissors or were x-acto knives necessary as well?
    Thanks for sharing- these are utterly beautiful!