Monday, January 30, 2012

2- Point Box Constructions - Student Work

Senior Michelle Lee always delights and surprises me with her out of the box critical solutions to assignments.  In this 2 -point perspective box construction they were responsible for drawing at least 3 boxes in 2-point, shading them in with one light source, adding a touch of color (just a touch was needed), and putting some type of simple border around the piece.  Most of them chose cityscapes as subject matter but subject was wide open.  What always amazes me about Michelle's work is the amount of attention to detail that she brings in, and that she does it thru pattern and repetition.  Her work is so sensory to my eye.  She also added a bit of pen and ink with ink washes.  
A close of of Michelle's detail.
In this next piece above, senior Sarah Zhang draws a remarkable little cottage.  The touch of color she added was perfect and she repeats it in her border paper. 
Below, senior Crislyn Ogawa gives us a very complex construction that she then mounts on top of a fabulous watercolor backdrop that she slaved over to get it just right.  You nailed it girl! 
And finally senior Michael Chen has done a fun and clever construction site subject.  The touch of color is right on and I love that he added the people.  Look at those great cast shadows on the ground.  This 2-d Intermediate class is working so hard for me.  I'm really proud of the work you all are producing.

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