Thursday, January 26, 2012

Congrats to my Girl !!!

For getting her official  acceptance notification from her top choice college yesterday to Cal. Poly Pomona, and for getting invited to the Honors Program there.  Congrats are also long overdue for being nominated Homecoming Princess by your friends and peers at Esperanza High School.

Your mamma is so happy for you and knew you'd get in...
your dad is so proud, but sad you will be dorming it, cuz he's gonna miss you like crazy...
your brother is thrilled you will be following in his footsteps and graduating from his Alma mater, hopefully with a great job out of the experience...
And Jim says "Here's to You, Dani Girl, We love you Big Time!"


  1. Hahahahahahah so cute, love it and love you! Couldn't help but laugh at the noobish picture of Jim!! :D how long ago was that taken?! His hair is so short and he looks so clean shaven!

  2. Oh, Dani that u? I look fabulous...
    If u don't believe me, just ask me!!! Actually,
    I feel a little finooky...what do u think?