Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Perspective - Student Work

After the 2-D Intermediate students get thru the 1-Point Basics, I challenge them with a box construction.  All of these kids went past the minimum requirements and came up with very complex pieces.  
This first one above belongs to senior Jessica Liu, and is truly remarkable.  Did she have to bring in color?
Did she have to design more then 3 boxes?
Did she have to include any other subject matter other t6hen boxes?
Did she have to shade it in with one light source only?
Let's look at some more.  Junior Laura Kadi this this darling, playful piece above and below senior Crislyn Ogawa tilted her horizon again (very effective strategy  by the way since the eye loves diagonals). 

Above senior Michael Chen created a powerful, striking piece with his design, and below senior Janice Min gives us the softest, most lovely box construction.  They are all so different, so unique, it's hard to say which is your favorite.  But for EXTRA CREDIT I want you to tell me which one you liked the best.  Try to cut out a cube in 1-point perspective, so it can't be just a flat square or rectangle, but it must look 3-d on a 2-d surface.  Any color paper will do.  On the front side put your name and period, and on the back tell me who drew your favorite box construction.  

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