Friday, January 13, 2012

More Clay - Student Work - Extra Credit Pinch Pots

Many times my clay students get done with their assignments early, so an option for them is to make an extra credit piece.  That's what junior Rita Labib and senior Jaimee Chirico did in these too pieces.  We had just finished pinch pot bowls and mugs so one of the extra credit challenges was to make and take two pinch pot bowls, score them together, paddle them into an interesting shape, then turn that shape into a subject.  Rita went for a sweet blow fish and Jaimee a sun motif.
Rita chose to finish hers off in our sawdust fire and Jaimee used oxides on hers.  I really like how Rita built in a lid for hers and Jaimee thought ahead to pierce holes to string beads on after the glaze fire.  Great job both of you.

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