Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knit & Crochet - Student Work

It's been a while since you've seen anything from my Intermediate 3-d kids.  This was a beginning of the year assignment that had several components.  If you scroll down the right side and click on Knitting Needles with Polymer Knob you can see the knitting needles the students had to make out of wood dowels and Polymer clay knobs and the wool yarns they dyed with food based colors.  Then I took them thru a basic Knitting Unit where they were required to learn several different stitch patterns using their knitting needles they made and the yarns they dyed.  So cool!!  For their 1st Quarter final the kids had a choice between knitting a scarf or a pillow top/blanket with their goods.     
Above we have the gorgeous pillow top by senior Borah Lim.  In her piece you can see several of the patterns they learned.
This next piece and it's close up were made by junior Nida Fatima.  Nida took it upon herself to teach herself several more patterns so that she could include them in her scarf.

Loved the happy colors in this next top by senior Pauline Yang.  Pauline already had some great knitting skills when she came to me, so she was able to explore more difficult cable patterns in her work. 
This Infinity scarf was knit and designed by 9th grader, yes, 9th grader Karisma Dev, superstar extraordinaire. 
Look closely at her craftsmanship.  So perfect, so beautiful.  And I like how subtle her dyed yarns came out.  Ya did good woman!  

This next one above was done by senior Ingrid Huang.  Love the autumn tones she chose. 
As did senior Johanna Paz.  Learning to knit was very difficult for most of the kids.  In case you haven't tried it, it is a very challenging global skill to learn with a lot of struggle at first.  And the kids don't like to struggle.  But they do like a challenge and the end results, so none of them gave up.  Most of our kids are used to things going fairly smoothly for them.  Huh, junior Rita Labib??  But now that the unit is over I see her in the mornings before school sitting in the halls knitting away.  Cuz once you master a global skill it becomes really fun and enjoyable!!!  Am I right Rita???  LOL
Also notice the crocheted edging that they learned how to do around the outside of all these pieces, another difficult global skill. 

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