Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 Point Cityscapes - Student Work

This year I have a really strong group of Intermediate 2-D students who are working very hard for me.  One of our assignments in First Quarter was the study of 1 and 2-point perspective. This 1- point cityscape was a one day exercise that many of  the kids spent a lot of extra time working on at home to make them special.  
First we have senior Crislyn Ogawa who started off with her horizon on the diagonal.  And then after the line drawing was graded she took it back home to bring in the shading which adds so much flavor to the piece.
Senior Michael Chen has a passion for Star Wars and video war games.  So I can usually count on him to bring some kind of war theme into his work.
And senior Michelle Lee chose to cut her city up and mount it atop a sun motif, plus she brought a bit of color into it as well, making this a very unique piece which really stands out from the group in a critique situation.  Clever girl!

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