Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Valentines 2011

Finally posting my pix from our Valentine's Eve celebration. Both kids came over that Sunday night for a traditional Italian dinner. Zach especially loves my homemade meatballs (my mommy's recipe). For dessert I had bought the most gorgeously large strawberries and we dipped them in melted dark chocolate. Then Danie insisted on a game of Scrabble. Usually every time the kids come over we get in a game.

There were a couple of berries left over so I dipped them and brought them to my T.A.'s at school the next day who help me with my classes. You can bet they were well received.

Dani had gone over her friend Meredith's house and baked and frosted Valentine's cookies. She wrapped them so pretty and made a stack for Jim and I, her brother, her dad and her boyfriend Tyler. She is such a sweet girl. Zach just brought himself. LOL My Valentine from Jim was a marriage proposal, doesn't get any better then that. :)

Dan also watercolored some hearts and flowers for me with Valentine wishes on the back. I had my T.A. Andrea laminate the hearts and I'll make them into a mobile for next year. This was Dani's first time to use watercolors. I'm thinking the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Ha! Ha! She tricked me and told me she needed some watercolor paper and paints cuz she had a project to make for school, but really she was making me the most wonderful gift. Thank you baby girl. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo My gift to them were cute boxes of See's Chocolates, everyone's favorite.

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