Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Peek at my Spring Garden

Even though we had the first day of spring recently, our skies are still a bit cloudy and wet. But my sweet babies are thriving in the rain and the intermittent sunshine.

I planted this ginormous blub from Roger's Gardens that I picked up when Zach and I shopped there at Xmas time, and look at it now. It's supposed to grow to between 3-4 feet tall with it's flower stalk. Cool Man!! The little leafy thing on the side is a spider plant shoot.

My daffodils that I planted over 10 years ago at my ex's house continue to bloom this time of the year. Love how they keep multiplying.

Sometimes I like the buds better than the flowers. This is from a Wildflower packet that Zach planted in my summer patio garden at Jim's. It's finally just now blooming.

I always have a lettuce garden, this year I'm growing red leaf, along with Italian Parsley and Cilantro.

This was a struggling vine when I first met Jim, now with a bit more attention it's a thriving vine in bloom. The buds...

and the flowers from both angles, along with a pot of pansies I rescued from the cemetery.

And my favorite, Jim's Bird of Paradise that never bloomed till he met me. I worked my fertilizer magic on it, and wel-la, flowers!

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