Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Short Road Trip

A couple of Sundays ago Jim had some business to do in Pasadena so I tagged along for the scenery. And was so glad I did. What a gorgeous day for a ride. The 57 Freeway was barely crowded...

there was tons of snow on the local mountains...

and the sky was crazy wild with thunderclouds.

I had forgotten how close Pasadena is to the mountains, and what a great downtown area they have for eating and shopping.

And since I was focusing on finding my muse for my sketchbook class, I just had to snap a shot of this cool grouping of rocks. Maybe I could use it to practice my sketching with.

I had also forgotten how interesting the architecture is in this older community.
But my favorite sight of the day was this sculpture, so monumental in scale, fabulous! For EXTRA CREDIT in my Beginning 2-D class only, on a piece of brown paper cut into the shape of a book, put the Chapter number from Art Talk on the back side of the book, the one that dealt with size, scale and proportions. On the front side put your name and period. A clue, it was one of the last Chapters I tested you on. :) Good Luck!

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