Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Peek Inside My Sketchbook

I'm so excited to share that I'm taking my very first on line class (yeah, I know I could barely turn on a computer 2 years ago LOL). The class is being given by one of my new favorite artists, Alisa Burke (see her blog under Artists I Follow). It's called Sketchbook Delight. For years I've been keeping a partial sketchbook, actually using a sketchbook to store ideas in like visual inspirations I find in magazines, books, package design, etc., but I've never really just sketched for the pure pleasure of it.

But I am now. And I'm enjoying it so much. She puts out a lesson per week, but I'm a little behind cuz I have a problem making time to work in the book, but I do take it everywhere I go. Now I just need to make myself pull it out and work in it.

What I've been doing is color copying her lessons, cutting them small, and pasting them in my sketchbook, then I try her exercises below the copy. She encourages us to write notes to ourselves about how things are going as we sketch, like what pens we used, did we like one more then another, things like that. And then the text becomes part of the sketch. It's all very cool. I'm most proud so far of the piece I did below. It's supposed to be a sketch but it actually took me a little over 3 hours to complete it. I think that makes it more of a drawing and definitely frameable. What do you think????

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