Friday, March 25, 2011

Professional Mixed Media Artist Loretta Grayson

I found the work of Loretta Grayson recently ( when I was perusing the blog of Lucy from Attic 24 in Yorkshire England. Loretta works is a wide range of media from yarns to watercolor and acrylics so her work is right up my alley. When I saw junior Michelle Lee in my 2-d class doing some very interesting scratch marks over top her preliminary oil pastel it made me think of Loretta's work so I showed it to my students. In the post below you can see Michelle's finished piece with all the effort she put into the pasteling and the scratching. Hopefully Michelle will be back next year, hint, hint! Loretta built the piece above with oil pastel, a watercolor wash over top, and acrylic paint. See her whole process on her blog ( It's fascinating and so lovely.

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