Thursday, March 17, 2011

7th Grade Linear Texture

I think every time I do this assignment with my young ones it just keeps getting better and better. The watercolor washes are more interesting with more value ranges and the linear designs more exciting. So enjoy my latest crop of kids. Below was one of my favorites done by Alberto Uribe, both his wash and design were outstanding.

Above we have very talented 7th grader Stephanie Qian, and below is equally artistic Aaron Liu.

I really love Sterling Thorton's above, and the one below was done by a very talented young man, Robert Dunn.

And these last 2 were made by Janet Chen and Nicholas Kong. Both these kids really got what I wanted from this assignment. Impressive work all of you. For EXTRA CREDIT for all my classes; on a piece of blue paper cut into the shape of a guitar, put your name and period on one side and on the other put down the name of the 7th grade student who did your favorite piece from above.

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