Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stitch Paper Quilts - Student Work

Inspired by the work of Kelli Nina Perkins and her book, "Stitch Alchemy", my Advanced 3-d art kids just finished up their own stitch paper quilts. They jumped through many hoops to make and put these pieces together and I'm so proud of their finished products. Besides making all their own colorful fabric papers that included so many processes such as collaging, stamping, painting and stitching, and then cutting those papers into their design shapes, they also had to learn to free motion quilt. So make sure you get a good look at the close-ups to see all their hard work.

This beauty belongs to senior Breeana Johng. Can you find the tiny seed beads she embellished with? Also, check out what she used for her binding edge. Clever girl.

This next one belongs to senior Olivia Hill. Look close to see all the interesting layers she has fused into her various stitch papers. Fabulous piece Olivia!

Above we see senior Angeline Tran's gorgeous piece. I really like all the text she incorporated into her green leaf paper. And both she and Breeana used sewing pattern paper to layer into their background stitch papers. You can see some of the sewing seams and directions. Cool stuff. Beautiful work all of you. I hope Kelli sees what we've been up too here :)


  1. Late to the party but so glad I could see them. You've really made them your own with such whimsical designs and all the terrific detail. I love the fun bindings too! I hope you had as much fun making them as we have viewing them! Kelli Perkins